Suprise Bag of 10 Pairs of New Brand Name Socks

SKU: IM0000422-V000173
  • Do you like to be surprised? We wanted to have a little fun ... 

    We had a huge donation of brand name, all brand new socks easier this year! There is literally a mix of every type and style you can imagine. When you purchase this bundle you will receive 10 pairs of socks and the fun is all in the surprise (no way of taking requests for orders - the brands are all good and all within the last 9 months) 

    Brands include, but are not limited to:

    Calvin Klein
    Tommy Hilfiger 
    Cole Hann
    Denver Hayes 
    Happy Socks 

    Surprises are always fun! Take a chance and get some great new socks ... you don't think you need socks until you put a new pair on :) 

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